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Applying your Website to show ads for Google Adsense and received an email with the subject “You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for AdSense” with content

Thanks for submitting your site "" for AdSense.

The team has now reviewed it but unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads.
There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready to show ads.

For more information, visit the 'Sites' page in your account.

Under sites page in your account, you received:

We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads yet.

Valuable inventory: Scraped content

As stated in our programme policies, we may not show Google ads on pages or apps with little or no value and/or excessive advertising to the user. This includes pages or apps that are scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value. Please see Google’s Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content with little or no added value for more information.


Is as if you have applied for AdSense and rejected for the above reasons. Google has detected from the site you submitted for AdSense that the content is nothing more than copied or spinned one.

You better hire a good content writer to write it for you. Good user experience is what drives the whole online advertising industry, thus why Google puts much value on user experience.

You can delete all the content and write your own unique and quality content of value and then reapply.

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And since the reason given to your projection of Google AdSense is that your block contains scrapped content, you should only take a look at the blog post and try doing Copyspace check for it.

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Put your blog post link into this website called Copyspace. Duplicate Content Detection Software

Run your website URL through Copyscape website checker feature. It will show you all the areas where content is scraped. Also, take your privacy policy, terms of service and disclaimer pages off the search indexing.

Also, there is no direct method to find. Just check all the pages of your website, fix them, recheck and then again apply for Google AdSense.

Although Google AdSense does not give the proper reason for disapproval of the application. So check for all the issues on your website like:

  • Copyrighted Content
  • Scraped Content
  • Design of the page
  • There should be 10–15 blog-posts if it is a blog.

Check all of them and again apply for AdSense.

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