Google AdSense CTR

Google AdSense CTR is the click-through rate. It is the number of clicks received for every hundred ad impressions. So, if you display one Google AdSense ad unit on your blog and it is shown 100 times and if visitors clicked on it 2 times; then you’re getting 2% CTR.

It is the percentage of No of clicks on advertisement and number of page views

  • CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of exposures
  • CTR% = Number of Clicks * 100 / Number of exposures

So in simple words, if you have an ad running and it’s seen by 100 people but got only 5 clicks, your CTR is 5%. Point to be noted here is that higher the percentage of CTR, the better advertisement you will get. So it’s advisable to place advertisements only at the places which are viewable and can be clicked easily.

Now, One of the most common questions is What is Good CTR or  I’m getting enough click on my Adsense but my revenue is very low.

Let me cut out the myth about Adsense CTR here, getting too many clicks on Adsense ads will never guarantee good income, the key here is to target ads which give good PPC (Pay Per Click). On such ads, even few clicks will yield more money than 100 clicks.

How to Increase Google AdSense CTR Rate

  1. Placement of Ads
    • Best Positions for adSense Ads
      • Right below post title
      • After two paragraphs in the content
      • At the end of the post content
      • Top of the Sidebar
      • Header
  2. Sizes of Ads
  3. Avoid Ad Blindness
  4. Responsible Layout
  5. Niche and Good Quality Content
  6. Increase /search Traffic
  7. Use AdSense Section Targeting
  8. Use Heat Map Plugins
  9. Reduce Bounce Rate
  10. Reduce Number of Ads

How Much Should be Google AdSense CTR?

There are some bloggers who claim to have CTR rate of 25% or above. In reality, it is not happened without playing tricks. Google punishes such attempts by suspending their accounts. Click-through rate of 2-3% is good. Even up to 5% is also good. But if it is higher than 5%, you should be concerned. This is because Google will take notice of such high CTR and will look deep into your website. If it finds that you’re violating AdSense policies, your Adsense account could block forever.

How much CTR are you getting? Do you think you need to increase your AdSense CTR? Share in comments and discuss any issue you’re facing regarding CTR.

I hope this information was useful for you. Please feel free to ask should you have any questions on this topic.

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