How to Build Authority Web 2.0 BackLinks Manually

Link building (Backlinks) is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to SEO. People spend a lot of money and time on building high-quality links. Getting a genuine backlink from an authority site is not an easy task; I would say it will require a lot of hard work. The other way around to get a link from such authority site is by paying them and the charge is very high that a normal earning person like me can’t really afford.

In this article, you will learn how to build authority web 2.0 backlinks manually. Most of the SEO professionals use high authority web 2.0 sites to build 2nd tier backlinks. This method is preferred a lot as getting a genuine link from a high authority website is not in our hand wherein we can control and build backlinks from authority web 2.0 sites easily.

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Why is Web 2.0 sites a great source to get high-quality backlinks?

Sites which offer free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Webs etc. are called Web 2.0 sites. These sites come with amazing inbuilt features which help us in creating a professional website with ease. Subdomains that you create under these sites will have Page Rank of 0 but these sites are considered as Trusted Authority Site. We are going to make use of these subdomains to build high authority backlinks.

Building Authority Web 2.0 Backlinks Manually

In order to do this task we are first going to build an authority web 2.0 site and then we are going to get some high-quality links from there. Many of you might find this task hectic as this consumes some time but it is worth a lot. Let us go ahead with the tutorial now.

Things required to set up a web 2.0 site – Do have these things ready before you actually start with the setup.

  • VPN to mask your IP address (Free: Hotspot Shield; Paid: HMA or Private Internet Access)
  • New Email account from any of this site Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail etc.
  • 1 social media account using this Email account; I would prefer setting up my Gmail + Google Plus account
  • 1 high quality 500+ words article with your main keyword – This will be your marketing article
  • 5 articles with 300+ words and above – These are articles to make your site look genuine
  • 1 article about you for Author Page with around 150+ words
  • 1 profile bio information with 50+ words for About Author section
  • 10+ high-quality relevant images
  • 3+ videos if possible
  • Profile picture

Writing Your Marketing Article (500+ words)

This article should be of high quality with the right combination of keywords. This will give your article a good chance to rank higher on its own. I always select three keywords and I do ensure that the article looks natural after combining those three keywords. You can type in your main keyword in Google search and you will find few more suggestions on the search list; you can select two more keywords from that list. You can also make use of Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite to filter your keywords. Do ensure to have your main keyword in the first and last paragraph of your article. So your marketing article will be of very high quality with the combination of your main keyword, related keyword and your links.

Writing Your Filler Articles (300+ words)

These filler articles can be anything; not necessary to include your keywords in these articles. If your main marketing article is about “SEO Profiler” or “Market Samurai” then your filler article can be anything related to SEO. It is not necessary to have high-quality content in here rather you can make use of any online tools to generate these content.

Writing Author Page (150+ words)

This page is generally about the fake author you will create to set up these Web 2.0 sites. Write a brief description of the author; as I said before making this page looks real and natural. Do have your contact information on this page… The email along with your Social Account ID so people can contact you directly.

Writing Author Bio Section (50+ words)

This section will get displayed under each article that you post. So write a short bio about yourself; do keep it straight and simple.

Setting Up Web 2.0 Site

So by now, you might have all the required information ready so let us start with Web 2.0 site setup. You can make use of any of the Web 2.0 platforms to build this site. WordPress and Blogger are two of the most popular platform to build such site. I personally prefer WordPress as it has some cool features which can help you customize your site as you need.

  • Run a VPN software and mask your IP Address
  • Now log into and register your URL. Note: It is not necessary to your exact keyword as URL as it will look like a spam. So select an URL which is related to your main keyword (Example: Study Material ->, etc)
  • Select your Blog Title and Description – Add your keyword under description section if possible but it is not mandatory
  • Select the right theme and customize your blog as you need. Do connect your social pages to it
  • Now log into your account and fill in your profile information completely (Your URL: Look at the image for your reference.
  • Create “About Author” page and paste the 150+ words article about the author and Publish it
  • Publish your first article which would be a filler article of 300+ words. Don’t have any link in your filler articles
  • Now schedule your marketing article which contains a backlink to your site to publish the other day. Publishing article needs to be done the right way; never publish all your articles at once. Rather publish one article every day or two. To add more authority to this article; add a link towards a high authority site (E.g. WordPress, Wikipedia, FaceBook etc).
  • Do the same for your filler articles now and publish it randomly every day or every alternate day
  • Add as many relevant pictures & videos to each article as you can. One at the top and one in the middle; also add the video at the end of each article. This is just to make your site more natural rather than for just SEO purpose
  • Now ping your articles to get it indexed instantly in search results and share the same on your social media account… That’s it!!!

You have built a backlink from an Authority Web 2.0 site which was created by you. Follow the same step and have around 5-10 authority web 2.0 site. I know it is a pain but it is damn fruitful and will yield you a lot of value. You will find an increase in ranking of pages and thus will see a spike in traffic in few weeks.

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This is one of the most effective techniques to build high-quality Authority Web 2.0 Backlink manually. Do try it and if you face any difficulty with any of the steps then do let me know by commenting. Also if you find this article useful then please share it with your friends through our social widgets.

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